Off Ballad

Seven young people in an empty space. It is perhaps a refuge from a war that is consumed outside. As if suspended in the balance between two worlds, inside and outside the space that contains them, they are observed, lost, disoriented, each with his art, his obsession, his impulses: coexistence turns into a dance of contrasts and clashes, a choreography of alliances and syntonies. Each in the other is mirrored, each refracts the image of the other, ventures into the unknown: “facing the other”.

Is the enemy outside or inside? What does it mean to accept contamination and contagion and give up on the idea of a “pure essence”? In a mysterious universe, suspended between the earthly dimension of the plateau and the dreamlike dimension of the aerial tool, the few scenic elements and the tools, become the cornerstones of a symbolic surreality: the sonic alteration of the voices and sounds of bodies and objects produced on the stage and the live production of music are the soul and breath of the work.

Direction Caterina Mochi Sismondi
Creation and performance Esa Abrate, Alexandre Duarte, Beatrice Farfalli, Antonio Fazio, Selvaggia Mezzapesa, Elisa Mutto, Lukas Vaca Medina, Paolo Starinieri
Light design Massimo Vesco – Rigging Rio Ballerani and Paolo Starinieri
Sound design Esa Abrate and Bea Zanin
Costumes Carla Carucci
photo Andrea Macchia
Production Associazione Qanat
in co-production with blucinQue and Fondazione Cirko Vertigo
Made with the support of the MIBAC Foreign partners FEDEC (European Federation of Professionnal Circus Schools), Bruxelles Association Espace Catastrophe, Bruxelles (BE) CRAC-Centre Régional des Arts du Cirque, Lomme Support bodies Marchesato Opera Festival di Saluzzo (TO) Comune di Moncalieri

Gelsomina Dreams

In a suspended and timeless setting that alludes to an abandoned film set of the Fellinian memory, the kaleidoscopic dreams of our ethereal Gelsomina, flamboyant and dreamer, a protagonist of the iridescent feeling and constantly evolving, become the construction of a dreamlike journey poised between circus remembrances and theatrical elements, between spirituality and characterization, offering the opportunity to relive the great love for the circus of our master of cinema, repeatedly evoked in his productions, which is above all a symbolic space in which mythical and profane converge.

Different human profiles that accompany Gelsomina, wear the timeless and unforgettable masks created by the director and are already found in their physical incarnations of a semantics of contradictions and antinomies, inclinations and desires.

Direction Caterina Mochi Sismondi
Creation and performance Fatos Alla, Federico Ceragioli, Elisa Mutto, Antonio Fazio, Alexandre Duarte
Cello and electroacoustic soundtracks Bea Zanin
Rigger Rio Ballerani
Costumes Carla Carucci
Light design Massimo Vesco
Production blucinQue and Fondazione Cirko Vertigo

La 8ème balle
Compagnia ZeC / del Duo Zenzero Cannella

“The show moves between in different universes. The stage where they disembark is a privileged place of games that can stimulate the creativity and imagination, learn to develop social relationships and to break the codes of conventional rules. Three screwball characters had decided to treat the subject”.

“A delirious trio comes to light at the rhythm of the balls. Carried by the wish to not to take themselves seriously, to play with everything that is part of the historical circus roots and staying anchored at a handsome and contemporary circus. The artists illustrate with humor, the fragility of the ties between the humans. Kicks, hunks and laughs. Everyone express the complexity of the being in all its facets. The ball comes regularly to disturb the balance. It is the disruptive as well as the unifying element”.

by and with Magdalena Vicente, Nicolò Bussi and Giacomo Vitullo
external eye Nikolaus Holz, Maroussia Diaz Verbèke

Chiara Marchese
Forme chorégraphique mêlant cirque et marionnette

Mavara, forme chorégraphique mêlant cirque et marionnette is the first solo performance by Chiara Marchese. It was created in 2016 at the festival La Route du Sirque, in Nexon, France. It toured in Europe and Latin America, continuing its journey now.

In Sicilian dialect “Mavara” means a woman who feels and sees what others cannot see. This short choreographic form combines different disciplines; such as circus, marionettes, contemporary dance, acting and drawing where Chiara develops her own research. It’s the story of the cohabitation and impossible balance through a slack wire. Mavara always evolving, reveling living traces. Mavara explores the origins of circus and marionettes. Marionettes or ex-voto? These objects embody the struggle between beliefs and the power they have on our daily actions.

by and with Chiara Marchese
Musical dramaturgy and accompaniment to research Julie Mondor
collaboration to the project Francesca Lattuada
puppet master Morgane Aimerie Robin, Chloée Sanchez, Evandro Serodio
extraordinary meetings, complicity and thoughts  Emiliano Pino
Realization of masks and puppets Chiara Marchese
/ Artist accompanied of Collectif Porte27, France
in collaboration with Le Sirque Pôle National des Arts du Cirque de Nexon, La Cascade Pôle National des Arts du Cirque, l’Espace Périphérique (Parc de la Villette – Ville de Paris), Cirk’Eole Metz, Institut International de la Marionnette de Charleville Mézières, Sham Spectacle, la Ville du Bourget, le Conseil Régional d’Ile de France, l’Ecole Nationale des Arts du cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois, La Central del Circ, Barcelone

La Table
Tiziana Prota
Composition for a woman and a fox

The Table is a circus solo on emotional dependence, it is the description of a subtle struggle that takes place around a table, in a private setting, between a “Woman Who Loves Too Much”, passionate, moody, creative and acrobatic, dependent on his own self-destruction, and Monsieur Renard (a stuffed fox), who represents a man unable to love, selfish and manipulative.

With irony, she tells us this conflict through the language of the circus and shows us that to love others you must first learn to love yourself.
La Table wants to help viewers to reflect on their condition, to discover or rediscover their happiness, the truest and most authentic one. The idea is to remove what makes us suffer. In short, La Table is an invitation to live a true love story with yourself.

Artist and director Tiziana Prota
Assistant director  Jeanne Mordoj , Virginia Librado Gallego
Technical direction and sound engineer  Maxime Leneyle
Light engineer  Julia Malabave
Rigger on stage Timothée Richard
Rigging conception and constructions Rémy Legeay
Light conception  Jean-Marie Prouvèze
Sound conception  Maxime Leneyle
Costumes  Solenne Capmas
Accessories  Tiziana Prota and Sara Vincent
Masks  Sarah Anstett
thanks to Transversales-Theâtre de Verdun; Cirko Vertigo; Espace Périphérique; La Verrerie d’Alès en Cévennes; Quai Des Arts; La Grainerie; Subtopia; Circus Arts; cie Les Lendemains; Ass . L’Oktopus; cie Gratte- Ciel; département du Gard; région Occitanie

Take Off


Take Off Project, supported by MIBAC, aims to contribute to the professional growth of Contemporary Circus young artists gathered in professional companies, as well as young operators already trained, through actions in Italy and abroad, in order to support their presence internationally.
The goal of the project represent a response to the needs encountered by partner organizations in the Contemporary Circus sector:

  • to avoid the leak of Italian artists from the national territory;
  • to bring projects of artistic and professional excellence back to Italy, focusing the attention of international professionals on our territory;
  • to increase the presence of international programmers during the events dedicated to the Contemporary Circus;
  • to accompany the creation of works by emerging Italian artists, supporting their diffusion and programming within internationally renowned festivals and exhibitions.

TAKE OFF is configured as a strategic intervention aimed to create a new distribution model for the Contemporary Circus.

The strategy involves the creation of a device that is able to combine festivals and reviews, in Italy and abroad, through the common thread of internationalization. This device rests on three solid foundations: Fondazione Cirko Vertigo, Associazione Sarabanda and Associazione Ideagorà, who shared the desire to dedicate, within their respective festivals, a space to emerging companies that will be called “Showcase Take Off“. The goal is to support the mobility of young artists, expanding their circuit over time and space, increasing the opportunities for meeting with professionals from all over the world.

Where & When

Festival Mirabilia
2 September 2020

Showcase Take Off

Cie ZEC | la 8ème balle |



26 December 2020

Showcase Take Off

Chiara Marchese | Mavara |

Solo in Teatro
30 January 2021

Showcase Take Off

Tiziana Prota | La Table |